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Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! If you are like me, then you are experiencing a mix of feelings right now. The change of the calendar always fills me with hope and excitement for what is to come, hope for new possibilities, and some sadness for past opportunities squandered and people who have passed to the other side. This moment this year is no different although it is heightened by the very recent loss of a couple friends’ mothers. Coupled with earlier deaths and my just-passed birthday, I am more aware of mortality and the inevitable nature of life which contributes a sense of melancholy.

But at the same time, that awareness brings a sense of hope and a desire to … reach, achieve and accomplish are the best words I think. This doesn’t mean that I aim to make an impact on the world (a very tall order to be sure) but rather to make an impact on my own life. The pace of everything today causes us to put all of our effort into just keeping up that we often have no energy or time to grow and be better. The core reason behind annual resolutions is the realization and regret that the previous twelve months have gone by and we haven’t done anything truly positive or forward for, and with, ourselves.

Resolutions are tricky things and typically feel like huge commitments ripe for failure. So, the better option is to not “resolve” to do something but instead to “plan” to do it. Planning is something that all gamers know how to do thanks to all of our various hobby-related work, whether it is preparing for a game session or painting a miniature. The establishment of the steps of a plan help assure success whereas merely resolving sets a lofty goal with no clear means of achieving a positive outcome.

So, in these early days of a new year, there still is ample time to make a legitimate plan aimed at something you want to improve or accomplish. We are in a metaphorical moment of rebirth and with the right approach we can make ourselves into better versions of who we are, even if it only improves or changes one thing.

As far as something more gaming-related, remember that we have another Guild Game Night coming up on Friday January 10.

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