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It has been a busy week and very packed weekend for many of us. This early period of the year ends up bringing a fair bit of tasks and duties related to our real lives and jobs. That certainly has been the case for us. And the weekend was special holiday related due to Valentine’s Day. All of that has caused this week’s e-newsletter to be late and truncated. Things will be back to normal with next week’s edition.

Despite the scheduling conflicts, we still held our regular Guild Game Night on Friday and had a good turnout. Four tables with RPGs and excited gamers made for a great time. A big thanks to those folks who contributed snacks for the night!

We do have a bit of news from the Aldermen Council. Guild Quarter Master Phil M is leaving us. There are no problems or issues but he does have some personal interests and tasks that need his attention right now. Phil is a great GM, as a number of you who frequent is table know, and his contributions to our In-House Interstellar Overdrive Campaign have been great. More importantly, his hard work every session getting the room prepped and rearranged for our events has been hugely valuable and much appreciated. Phil said that he may pop in now and then but regular attendance and participation is not in the card for the foreseeable future. Join us in wishing him well and thanking him for all that he brought to the LRPG!

We also have some news from a major Guild Friend. Local game store TableTop Glory is closing next month. Store owner and former Guild Member Graham J said that the store was victimized by a major theft and it has been pretty debilitating. From now until the final bell, all remaining product is marked down 15% to 25%. The availability of a dedicated gaming-oriented store supporting the Lakeland area is greatly reduced by this sad event. Please join us in wishing Graham well and by all means make sure you visit the store at least one more time before it’s gone. (You’ll find address and contact information further down this e-newsletter.)

And yet there still is more news! The City of Auburndale will be hosting a mini RenFest on Thursday March 12 from 3:00PM until 7:00PM. It is a free event with food, music and performers from the bigger Renaissance Festival running over the next several weekend in Tampa. It’s a great way to spend a late afternoon and early evening plus it is close to home. Check it out!

Our next Guild Game Night is coming up on Friday February 28. We hope to see you all there … and bring a friend!

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