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Last week, we talked a bit about the LRPG’s In-House Campaigns that run throughout our activity year. This week we will take a first look at some of the Sanctioned Home Campaigns that are a part of our Guild Game Nights. There are a decent number of these series and more will be highlighted next week.

All of us know Star Wars and many of us love it. We have had a long-running RPG campaign in that great setting for several years. (A few miniature war game scenarios have popped up too.) Star Wars Infinities Rebellion Era focuses on the time period of the classic original films but with some key “alternate history” modifications. The Empire is stronger and has a cadre of Force-capable Imperial Knights made up of the former Jedi children who were rescued by Anakin Skywalker during Operation Knightfall. The Rebellion is comprised of multiple independent factions with their own agendas and a much more militant, even terrorist-like, approach. The general feel of the setting is less morally black & white and more ambiguously grey with a strong noir and grimdark characteristic. The D20 System is the rule set of choice here.

While RPGs are our primary hobby focus, a number of us also enjoy war gaming and we make room on the calendar for those events. BattleTech War of 3039 Mercenaries is a periodic series that uses both the standard Rules of Warfare and the Alpha Strike formats. Set in an exciting moment in a very rich setting, these games focus on the missions of a few different mercenary companies contracted by Inner Sphere Houses waging endless war on each other. Three-dimensional terrain and full-color hex-based mapsheets have been used in these games depending on who is participating but the action always is pretty high.

In our next installment, we’ll introduce you to a couple of the D&D campaigns we have at our Game Nights along with a cool Savage Worlds ongoing series. Until then, remember that our next event is coming up on Friday June 28!

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