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Here we are with a new week largely the same as the previous week. COVID-19 news continues to dominate our awareness and the state of Florida has issued a broad shelter in place directive. While this order does leave a great deal of free movement in place, there are enough restrictions that many more people find their existence limited to home and the occasional trip to the grocery store. Even work is being impacted as more businesses are shuttering (hopefully) temporarily or shifting more of their workforce to telecommuting.

Our gaming hobby also is facing a great deal of restriction in its activities. We already are aware of the growing number of conventions and gaming events that are being rescheduled or even cancelled. Now, several publishers have announced that product releases will be delayed as their warehouse workers are unable to do their jobs. With the very large number of gaming stores across the country being closed due to local or state guidelines deeming them to be “not essential,” there would be nowhere for these product releases to go anyway.

In response, and in a community effort to prevent isolation madness, these publishers are making available a nice selection of PDF offerings to their customers. Some of these are the digital versions of otherwise-delayed products at slightly discounted prices. Others are incredibly generous free downloads of quick-start rules, or even full core rule books, and short adventure modules. And there also are some brand-new game-themed activity books for the children of gamers (or maybe for the inner child in all of us who game). We all are in this predicament together and many entities in our hobby are reaching out in various ways to make these times easier.

One of those who is offering some ways to keep our hobby going and our mental health in good form is our very own Guild Mage, Glenn W. Earlier this week, he posted a great article on our primary website regarding digital- and web-based RPG activities. It is full of great information and links illustrating the journey his gaming group has undertaken in this new day. It is reprinted here as a “special installment” of our College of Gaming column. We hope you enjoy it and gain some good guidance for your use.

It is my sincere hope that all of you are well, safe and sane. We will be in touch soon with more gaming-related conversation and content both in this weekly e-newsletter as well as our digital channels.

PS — Don’t forget to post your solo and small group gaming activities away from the Guild on our social media channels. Use the hashtag #DiceAgainstCovid19 and tell us what you’re doing while we are forced to put our Guild Activity Schedule on hold.

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