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The second half of Guild Year 19 is underway and a lot of great games are scheduled for the comings months. But we also are preparing for the upcoming Guild Year 20 and the twenty or so Guild Game Events that will fill that period of time. We have our Official In-House Guild Campaigns that will be taking tables and we have a number of very popular Sanctioned Home Campaigns that will be returning as well. We typically have a minimum of four game tables at each of our events and it is not uncommon to have six so, even with the games we expect to have, we will have room for more.

If you are an existing Guild GM or want to throw your hat into the ring for the first time, please let us know about your gaming plans for the coming year. Submission forms still are several weeks from being submitted but the sooner you start thinking and planning the better it is for the whole process. Once we place the In-House Campaign tables, we will have a framework within which to slot all the other games. It is our hope that we can establish between half and three-quarters of the Guild Year 20 Schedule a month before the Annual Meeting. This will give everyone a good idea of what will be available as well as allowing for later flashes of inspiration or discoveries of new game systems.

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