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A major tenant of the LRPG is sharing knowledge and skills with the intent of growing and improving the hobby for its participants. The College of Gaming program has been a vital part of fulfilling that mission both within the Guild itself and amongst the populous of the greater hobby community. Through in-person seminars, hybrid virtual & real instructional clinics and all of the articles in this column, we have made every effort to present a solid selection of content and guidance so we all can become better and more varied in what we do at the game table.

But the small number of participants isn’t enough to truly reach the intellectual and experiential breadth that this program needs for complete success. We need you. We need your experience. We need your viewpoint. We need the knowledge that you are accumulated over years of gaming. And we need your understanding of different rule systems.

So consider this an open call for your contributions to our College of Gaming program. Send us an instructional or simply informative article on any topic related to gaming and we’ll include it in an upcoming weekly e-newsletter. If you think that your writing in this venue needs some help, we would be happy to work with you in an editing review process. If you think that you have a lot to say, we happily will give you a string of column postings so your ideas can get a proper presentation.

The LRPG belongs to you and the College of Gaming program does as well. Your contributions only will make this club and the hobby we all love that much better. We look forward to hearing from you.

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