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Once again, I bring sad news. Our local hobby community has lost another veteran participant. Bob “Doc” Gallagher died Thursday night. Some of us in the Guild knew him quite well from our association with HMGS-South and that organization’s two annual conventions. He also was in the ranks of our friends the Just Dice League and, for a short time, was a Guild Member too.

Doc almost without fail was a good-spirited GM and player. His skirmish game scenarios, played with the Pig Wars rules, were fun and fast-moving. His tongue-in-cheek Roman chariot race game, Circus Crapious, was an absolute blast. His participation in any other game typically brought a more relaxed atmosphere to the table than otherwise would be present.

He also was a great hobby crafter. His miniature painting was quite good but his real gift was in his terrain and props. Trees in various styles and sizes, hills, buildings and all manner of smoke and fire counters populated his game tables. He also sold additional quantities of these through private sales and flea market tables at conventions.

On top of that, it is through Doc that a goodly number of local hobbyists entered the hobby or deepened their involvement. He was a great promoter of gaming, one who encouraged inclusive involvement and a player always to be counted on to keep things enjoyable. He also was a good man with a big family, including a wife of 50 years, and a big heart.

Once again, I find myself mourning the loss of a friend. I am glad to have known him and I am better for it. Peace and good journey to you Doc.

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