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I hope that the past weekend was good for all of you. This wish is especially directed at those amongst our number who are mothers and who had to be celebrated on their special day in a restricted world this year. Traditions are being adjusted and relearned as we navigate around the virus. We are finding our footing but keep discovering something else that needs to be tweaked. Despite those unanticipated adjustments, I truly hope that everyone had a good time doing whatever you had planned in whatever way you could.

(On a personal note, Mother’s Day here at Guild HQ was not much different than a regular Sunday. The morning paper, Megadeth and Nine Inch Nails on the CD player and a couple of pizzas for an early dinner. My mom was content with that so I guess that can be considered a successful day.)

As real life begins opening in small increments, we are looking ahead to the possibility of resuming our activities. Until we hear about the operational plans of our host facility, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lakeland, we can’t make any firm decisions. Thinking, discussing and planning for that eventuality are underway, however, so we can swing into action as soon as possible. But, we all know that things can change and caution is called for in this current environment so we also are prepared for a continuation of our club’s activity hiatus. Still, we remain hopeful.

Don’t forget that we can reach out and be in contact in a digital sense even if we can’t gather as a large group. Our Facebook page and our website message board are available for greetings, hobby discussions and game table reports. There is no reason why we can’t be a community even if we are unable to be together in the same building.

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