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The limitations and restrictions under which we now live have brought both positives and negatives. On the plus side, there are fewer things to do, fewer places to go and mandated reduction in our often bust To Do Lists. We have a chance to breathe, to rest, to consider ourselves and the world around us. But on the minus side, our routines are in disarray and we don’t know how to react. We are confused, lonely and irritable with the added issue of these feelings coming at random and unpredictable times. We are unburdened to a degree (which is good) but we also are unbalanced (a definite bad).

Or maybe it’s just me. I am thankful for a lot of things during this trying time. I have my health as do those close and important to me. I still have a job and paycheck so do not face financial hardships. But I haven’t seen people, especially certain ones, in what feels like ages even though it has been only a month and a half. And I haven’t been anywhere in the same amount of time. While I am not one for a great deal of wandering, a forced billet at home is becoming too much to handle. Plus, I am finding less and less energy to allocate even to things I enjoy and want to do.

That is a contributing factor to the lateness of this installment of our weekly e-newsletter. Normally I would be a bit ashamed of admitting to a sense of “meh” to Guild-related activity but given the times we all face I know that I am not alone. All of us are facing to some degree a resigned feeling to a great many things right now. We, indeed, are in this together and we don’t like this at all.

Perhaps we can help each other though. We do have a Facebook page and a message board where we can reach out, connect virtually and communicate. Sharing what we are doing for gaming, posting links to cool offers & deals we find from game companies, even venting a bit about the frustrations of current life all are perfectly fine ways to let each other know that we’re out there and hanging in there through all of this. Or maybe just post a “hello, I’m okay, how are you” so we simply can keep in touch as people.

Limits on movement and gathering are loosening slightly so things may begin to get better. We still have some time before we will be able to have a public Guild Game Night but it’s a little closer now than it was even a week ago. We’ll see what the latest developments bring us and hope that there is a positive trend. Until then, be well my friends.

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