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This week is that one point on the calendar that is unlike any other. It is the week between Guild Activity Years. In many ways, it is the moment between “tick” and “tock” where we remember what has been and anticipate what is to come. It also is an extended moment of work as we prepare for the next twelve months.

Our next year — Guild Year 20! — starts on Friday with our Annual Meeting and Anniversary Party. We’ll be taking care of Membership renewals, distributing updated Membership cards, talking about some administrative matters and looking at the schedule of events for the upcoming fifty-two weeks. And we’ll be getting a preview of a couple of new campaigns, recaps of a couple of returning ones as well as discussing the possibilities of at least one new Guild project.

We have just finished a really great Guild Year 19. The start was a little shaky but things quickly settled down and, thanks to all of you and your support, we had one of our healthiest and most creative and productive years. This sets us up for a truly fantastic Guild Year 20 and an amazing wrap-up to our second decade as the area’s premiere hobby organization.

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