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It’s already March?! Wasn’t Christmas just last week?! Summer is almost here?! Where is the time going?!

If you’re like us, you are asking those same questions and wondering how the things on the “To Do” list are going to get done. Responsibilities, duties and new projects at work have taken an extra bit of time out of the schedules all three us have. Family and household matters hold their regular level of importance and sometimes inconvenient insistence on immediate attention. And there also are various non-work and non-family activities that occupy time space that seems to have grown over the past couple of weeks. We’re busy, we’re tired and we’re a little frazzled. It’s really only March?

The LRPG’s serious and fun elements take time to prepare and execute. Sometimes one or two tasks might see a delayed completion or a temporary solution but once all is said and done there will be a full list of check marks. Our ultimate goal is for you, the Members, to have an organization and events through which you can celebrate and promote the hobby. We think that we offer a great community vehicle to do just that but we continue to strive to improve what we have. It takes some work and it takes some time but together we can keep the LRPG as the premiere independent gaming organization in Central Florida.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Guild Gaming Event on March 22. Don’t miss it … and bring a friend!

Events Suspended Until Further Notice • Read More