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Sometimes real life puts a whole lot on one’s plate and that causes everything else to take a backseat. Even if it isn’t anything like a crisis or even moderately serious, every once in a while there are too many things happening at the same time and our plans for game time get thrown out the window.

My week has been like that — nothing bad, just too many things — so this week’s e-newsletter is truncated and last night’s game, while fun, was sloppy and not on point. It seems that the bulk of my “to do” list was handled by earlier this evening so I am hoping that things get back to an even keel very quickly now.

A fully planned adventure session will be available for my players at our next Guild Game Night. And a few of the very cool ideas that literally fell onto the table will get fleshed out for future use. The interesting spins that some new players brought to the existing pre-generated characters were great to see and will be a help in tweaking the storyline for the future.

We do have a Guild Social Night on Friday January 31 and then our next Guild Game Night comes along on Friday February 14. We hope to see you all at these gatherings … and bring a friend!

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