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This week’s e-newsletter is a bit late because we just got home from four days of games, friends and fun at Hurricon 2019! As always, the HMGS-South-hosted event was fantastic with scores of great games available and a number of excellent vendors.

Members of the LRPG played in a wide range of games with a few highlights being the Age of Piracy era-themed Blood & Plunder, the Colonial Britain-themed The Sword and the Flame, the classic sci-fi war game BattleTech and the home-brewed tongue-in-cheek Roman chariot race-themed Circus Crapeous. This one also was a very special event as it was a tribute Bob “Doc” Gallagher, the veteran gamer who created it who passed away a couple of weeks ago. Doc was a friend of many of us and his physical absence was felt keenly by all but we kept his spirit and the “good gamer” values he held dear very much alive.

High spirits were a recurring theme of the weekend. Everywhere one looked there were folks laughing and having a great time at game tables, in the event space’s walkways, in the hotel hallways and, of course, in the hotel bar. For some of us, as much of our convention time was spent socializing as was spent rolling dice. That is the atmosphere that makes the HMGS-South shows so inviting and so popular.

We tried our best to keep everyone updated via social media but keep you eyes open for an after action report on our Facebook page and on our website forum sometime this week. We also will be sharing our observations and insights on the podcast “The Happy Hour with Johnny & Duce” very soon. Once you see, read and hear about how great the show was, you will be eager to join us in the spring for Recon 2020.

Our next local Guild Gaming Event is coming up on Friday October 11. Don’t miss it … and bring a friend!

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