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Our hobby is a dynamic thing. There are a lot of active rule systems now, probably more than at any other point in the industry’s lifetime. A great many approaches to gaming exist too as players reevaluate traditional approaches and designers break boundaries. Through it all, we, as purchasing practitioners, have an almost overwhelming wealth of resources from which to choose and draw.

The cool thing about all of these resources is that some are system agnostic while others at least are broadly applicable even if they lean on particular rules. Content like this is a terrific tool for all gamers, be they GMs or players, to refine their craft. Having suggestions from well-established and very successful designers opens up new avenues of creativity for us. It is so easy to rely on what we always have done but if we want to boost the quality of our game experience, diving into a guidebook like this is a must.

There also are cool compendium-style books of setting material. For the busy and harried GM, these are invaluable time savers as they offer adventures, plot hooks, ready-made NPCs and even deep campaign background. Some such books are tightly associated with a given rule system or existing published universe but others are more generic and highly adaptable to a variety of needs. Even without drawing directly from them for table content, they are great sources of inspiration or more wholesale “borrowing” for one’s own use.

The current era of the gaming hobby is seeing an increase in books like these. The previous big boom period, the D20 Era, also saw a number of these guides and resources. It is very worth looking around for them and seeing what they have to offer you and your gaming experience.

Our own LRPG gaming time will be both limited and busy over the next couple of weeks. There will NOT be a regular local Guild Gaming Event on Friday April 26. This is because there will be a Guild Convention Road Trip that weekend instead. From Thursday April 25 through Sunday April 28, several Guild Members and Guild Friends will be in Kissimmee for Recon 2019. We hope that some more of you can make it out to join us as it is a really good convention with some great folks. We will resume our regular local Guild gaming on Friday May 10!

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