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Our apologies for the lateness of this week’s installment of the e-newsletter but it has been a busy weekend for all of us. Those full appointment and chore lists look like they will be in place for a bit longer so there will be a combination of frantic and delayed actions in the coming weeks. We appreciate everyone’s patience.

Our most recent Guild Game Night was affected by some outside conflicts but we still had a fantastic time with our game tables. Of special note is the fact that we had five first-time visitors join us! These were great folks and we enjoyed having them come out for a night of Guild-style gaming. We look forward to their return for our next event.

That next game night will be the first of our last two for Guild Year 19 (and will be followed by our last Fifth Friday Social Event). September sees us launch the LRPG’s twentieth year as the area’s premiere gaming club. The activity schedule for the coming twelve months is being put together but there still is time for GMs to submit their names and games. You can send us a private message through our Facebook page if you still need a submission form.

Already on the agenda for next Guild Year are three LRPG In-House Campaigns. Our alternate history World War One series Aces Over Lakeland will be returning with both RPG and miniature war game installments. Also returning will be our historically-influenced fantasy series Kingdoms of Legend with two different story arcs by two different GMs. And our long-running sci-fi series Interstellar Overdrive will continue with storylines from three GMs.

Sanctioned Home Campaigns also are on tap and we know of two returning D&D game series plus a new one using the amazing Midgard setting that will be filling slots on our schedule. A favorite Star Wars series will be continuing with more installments and there also will be a few BattleTech games scattered throughout the year.

But there is room for more! As noted above, get those GM submission forms turned in and you can run games on our schedule too!

Our next event is coming up on Friday August 9 and we hope to see you all there! (And bring a friend too!)

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