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A quick rundown of some current deals available over at DriveThru RPG.

Gun Metal Games is offering its most recent products at PWYW. There is no specific timeframe but this deal will last at least through the end of April. Be sure to check out Interface Zero 3.0 if you’re a Savage Worlds fan.

The Star Fleet Universe Coloring Book #1: Starships by Amarillo Design Bureau is PWYW.

Isolation Consolation by Draken Games, billed as part game resource and part zine, is aimed at those of us stuck inside during the pandemic and needing something to do. The product is PWYW with all profits donated to the Red Cross in its fight against COVID-2019.

Exalted products are up to 75% right now. The deals runs for the 8 days so go ’em while they’re hot.

The RPG ad sandbox toolkit Maze Rats is currently PWYW.

Torg Eternity, The Dark Eye, Fading Suns, and tons of German translations of other RPGs from Ulisses Spiele are 25% off.

Complete your collection of The One Ring RPG with this special bundle deal from Cubicle 7 before its move to a new publisher.

Note the links above contain affiliate links. Guild Mage Glenn W hosts the LRPG’s website without cost to the guild and these links help support his RPG playing habit. Thanks for the support!

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