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The LRPG’s twentieth year is off to a very good start and we want to thank all of you for taking part. Membership renewals are on track to 100% turnover from the last Guild Year (although we aren’t there quite yet) and new folks have come to visit us for the first time setting the stage for continued growth. Our Annual Meeting & Anniversary Party was well-attended, our Guild Convention Road Trip to Hurricon 2019 had decent participation and our first full Guild Game Night saw great activity despite some last-minute schedule changes. In short, we are in the process of creating another terrific year of Lakeland hobby action!

The first few months of every Guild Year are a little looser than other times given special events and holidays that break up the flow of our regular gaming. Once the calendar year changes and we find ourselves deep into our second quarter, the bulk of our focused gaming plans hit their stride. That will be no different here in Guild Year 20. Now, to be clear, we have some excellent games on the agenda for this first part of the activity year and all fall in the category of Officially Sanctioned Home Campaigns. But once the first quarter wraps up, our schedule will begin to include games from our In-House Guild Campaigns that truly wave the banner of our collective creativity.

These game series are long-running campaigns often featuring multiple GMs sharing the story telling and world building tasks in a cooperative arrangement across alternating tables. Even with those cases where only a single GM is presenting the story, there often is a fair amount of behind-the-scenes collaboration on story ideas, encounter design or character involvement. This Guild Year will see new installments of the LRPG’s Aces Over Lakeland, Interstellar Overdrive and Kingdoms of Legend. Keep an eye open for background and story updates for each of these in the coming weeks.

Our next Guild Gaming Event is coming up on Friday October 25. Along with a full panel of six games, we will continue with Membership renewals as well as having another shopping session in “Moose’s Memorial Rummage Sale.” We look forward to seeing everyone at the game tables … and bring a friend!

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