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June is almost upon us and that means we are entering the last three months of the current Guild Activity Year. We have several events and a lot of scheduled gaming on tap for the next several weeks. But we also have a fair bit of planning and preparation to do so we can be ready for the beginning of Guild Year 20 in September. Some of that preliminary work involves you!

Starting with our first Guild Game Night in June, we will be distributing GM Game Submissions Forms so we can start arranging the activity schedule for next year. Most of the previously established processes and guidelines will remain in place but we are going to try to group multi-session games closer together. We do get a lot of requests for such campaign-style gaming, and they are popular with a number of players too, so there will be some time balancing that goes into this. It’s going to be a bit messy but we’ll do our best.

Amongst those multi-session arcs are Official In-House LRPG Campaigns, LRPG-Sanctioned Home Campaigns and independent games longer than one-shots. A number of Members and Friends may not be aware of the breadth and depth of the LRPG’s gaming offerings. So we will be spotlighting these adventures, their plots and their GMs in a new column starting in next week’s LRPG E-Newsletter. If you’ve wondered what LRPG gaming looks like or been curious about what’s been going on a nearby table, hopefully this new article series will answer your questions and entice you to participate in something new.

Now, just as we are gearing up for a whole new year of activity, our e-newsletter service provider also is making ready some modifications. Mailchimp is tweaking terms of service and some of their functions and that may cause a couple of quirks to delivery or interaction for a little bit. We don’t expect any major problems but, if you previously have been a subscriber and cancelled, there is a chance that you may slide back into an active status. We aren’t trying to spam you so if you do get this newsletter an extra time or two, please accept our apologies and we’ll get it straightened out as soon as we can.

We have a Fifth Friday Guild Social Event coming up on this week on May 31. And then we have our next Guild Gaming Event is on Friday June 14. We look forward to seeing everyone at both gathering

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