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This weekend has been busy for me. There was my best friend’s birthday dinner that, as expected, was a lot of fun with people who may as well be family. Blood-related family members from out of state are spending time in Florida and we were able to get together for a good visit. Lifelong friends of theirs are with them and it was nice spending time with those folks as well. And, with the last weeks of the year upon us, plans are being made with a couple different groups of my friends for holiday gatherings and some general fun-time. (There also has been some very early preliminary work taking place related to the HMGS-South convention in April.) So, my time has been remarkably taxed since I left work Friday evening.

I do not regret any of that spent time as sharing and spending time with loved ones is becoming more important to me as I get older. I always have known from an intellectual viewpoint that doing such a thing is important but over the past couple of years it has had a noticeable feeling of urgency. Too many people have passed on, too many opportunities have slipped by. Moments should be seized when they appear.

Doing that may mean that other things will take a backseat from time to time … and that’s okay. All of us should remember that what we do in our hobby, as fun as it is and as much enjoyment as it brings us, is secondary to the things that really matter like family, friends and our own self-care. We happily engage in our pastime but we should never forget to engage in real life too.

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