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The LRPG marked the completion of Guild Activity Year 19’s first half with last night’s Guild Game Event. It has been a very busy and fun six months with excellent participation, growing outreach and, of course, terrific games. We have had the final exams for the second installment of our College of Gaming’s GM academy, a Convention Road Trip, the presentation of some brand-new rule sets as well as a couple of old classics, some extremely packed Guild Events, and the arrival of some new faces. In short, it has been a fantastic run from September to now and all of you helped in making it that way.

We begin the second half of the year on March 8 with our Mid-Year Meeting (which will be brief!) and seven game tables presenting both RPG action as well as some miniature war games. As we head toward the end of August and the close of Guild Activity Year 19, we will have some more installments of LRPG In-House Campaigns, the continuation of a couple of much-loved LRPG-Sanctioned Home Campaigns, a nice selection of one-shot games highlighting either new rule sets or new settings, two more Convention Road Trips and more opportunities for hobby growth via new activity in our College of Gaming.

We look forward jumping into Year 19’s second half with all of your at our next Guild Game Event on March 8. Don’t miss it … and bring a friend!

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