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The role playing game hobby is a grand social encounter. Participants interact as a part of telling a shared story but personal connections likely are what brought them to the same table in the first place. Even mere acquaintances or near strangers will experience some degree of bonding as a result of gaming together on a regular basis. Away from the game table, hobbyists often overcome their traditional, stereotypical and exaggerated social awkwardness and become buddies while mingling at a game store or convention. Our hobby brings people together in many ways and, as in the greater society, we all are richer for that togetherness.

The world around us is a fraught place today. There is so much rushing, so much that distracts us and so much that divides us. The moments that brings us a respite from that are rare but so valuable. We are incredibly fortunate that we are part of of a pastime that is built on connection, interaction, cooperation and sharing. Through all of those things, gaming lets us engage as equals and provides us the chance weight disparate approaches or thoughts in a constructive and productive way. Our shared interests and our combined creativity provide us a greatly-needed salve in what sometimes is a distressing world.

We will be sharing as people and gamers on Friday July 12 at our next Guild Game Event. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

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