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A4 Series #4

In the previous article, I covered an overview of each class with regards to playing options for the example campaign being developed. This installment will present some sample concepts that players can use to help create their characters.

There are several reasons to give out character concepts to players. If a GM has a specific storyline in mind, the proffered characters will be ideally suited to fit within that story. These concepts also can be helpful by having characters that fit within certain social or even political roles that will make the campaign run smoothly. The trick is to give players concepts that allow them to have flexibility in creating their characters while also assuring that those characters will be a better fit to the campaign.

These are concept ideas that would fit well in our developing campaign setting but none are crucial roles to the story. Most of these concepts are ones that (nearly) any class can be made to fit. Because humans are the dominant race within our campaigns focus region, applicable races for these concepts may be a bit limited but ideally there should be options for nearly all races.

Child of a Chieftain: The character is of a noble family suitable for a local chieftain. This may be one of the northern provinces currently under attack or a province to the south threatened by the incursions of the humanoids. The character may be a reluctant scion of the house sent to gain personal honor or die in fending off the humanoids or they may be a firstborn looking to increase the honor and fame of their family name. This character would be knowledgeable of the region and familiar with many of the local landmarks.

Soldier of the army: Part of the King’s forces, this character is (for now) a member of the army defending the land. The character may be a deserter from the army or possibly a long survivor of a unit that was overrun by enemy forces. They will have a good knowledge of how the military forces operate and their organizational ranks.

Dwarven warrior: This character is caught on the wrong side of the blockade of the Dwarven strongholds. The character fights to break the invasion of the humanoids either through simple racial hatred or from a desire to return back to his homeland.

Elven Emissary: From the Elves of the forests far to the west, this character was sent as part of a delegation to the land of Humans. Now the character travels with the army (or possibly on their own) to determine the threat that the humanoids currently pose to the lands of the Humans and, potentially, to the Elves.

Local hero: A simple farmer, this character has been caught up in the events of the invasion. Perhaps their farm was one of the first overrun and they desperately fought to defend it against the invaders. Whatever the reason, they now stand with those who would fight back against the invaders.

Much like with the clearly defined races and classes, prepared character concepts keep the players within workable limits for the campaign. These boundaries are not meant to stifle creativity but they are meant to contain the scope of options to a workable range that is suitable to a functional storytelling experience.

More to come in the next installment!

Good gaming!

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