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Friday night’s Guild Game Event was a very good time and we thank everyone who came out to make it so lively. A big thanks goes especially to the eight Game Masters who worked hard in prepping material for the tables. This was the biggest event that we’ve had and we would like to see at least a couple of others of that size in the second half of the Guild Year. However, we did discover a couple of things from this event.

The first we learned is that eight games can be a little hard to book fully. There were a couple of tables that were a light on players and, unfortunately, one GM even ended up having to cancel his game and join another table as a player. All of us who have been running games for a long time have faced an empty table and it’s a little discouraging every time it happens. We hope to avoid putting any of our Guild GMs in the awkward position of scheduling and planning a game just to cancel it on game night. In order for that to happen, we all need to help each other out by both thinking about shifting from our chosen game and by encouraging new folks to join us for our twice-monthly gatherings.

The second thing that we learned is that attention and awareness can be strained once the games are over. One of our attendees emailed us late last night and said that their had left their gaming gear behind. The problem is that we didn’t see that email until twelve hours later! Some folks do help out with rearranging the facility’s furniture, which is great, and some folks hang out and socialize, which is completely fine, but everyone needs to watch out for their personal belongings during the entire Guild Event. During the relatively-controlled chaos of cleaning up, this is an even more important thing as it is very easy for things to be moved around and misplaced. We all should watch for ourselves and for each other.

We look forward to seeing everyone on February 22 for our next Guild Game Event. It will be a night of great games so don’t it. And bring a friend!

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