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Greetings Guild Members, Guild Friends and fellow gamers,

We all know that the COVID-19 virus has taken a dominant role in our world and in our lives. New developments come out multiple times a day and there is a growing list of suggested restrictions on our normal activities. There are fewer and fewer elements of our existence that are not affected by this pandemic. And that includes our beloved gaming hobby.

Several conventions in all genres of gaming have been cancelled in the recent days. Others are looking ahead with wary eyes as they prepare for the inevitable decision. Facilities hosting those events are preempting the groups’ decisions by announcing their voluntary temporary closures. Still other locations are being forced to shut their doors by decree of local governments or ownership groups.

So, it is with awareness of all of those things that I have to make a difficult announcement. The activity calendar for the Lakeland Role Playing Guild is suspended until further notice. The Guild Aldermen were discussing this eventuality when we received word from our hosting facility, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lakeland, that they were ceasing all activities on their property until this crisis abates. With very clear guidance from city, county, state and federal agencies that groups not gather for at least the next thirty days (and possibly longer), there simply is no choice but to put our games on hold.

This is not how Guild Year 20 was supposed to go. This absolutely is not something that we want to do. However we have no choice but to do it, not only for the health and well-being of our Members and Friends but also for the greater community around us.

While official LRPG Game Nights will not be held, there is no prohibition against Members getting together and playing on their own. Everyone is free to exercise their own rights to gather and to look after their own health as they see fit. The call to cancel upcoming LRPG gatherings does not impinge on those personal wishes and actions at all. In fact, if you are able and willing, we encourage you to continue gaming at home and inviting a couple of fellow Guild Members (provided everyone is healthy and washes their hands) to keep supporting the gaming hobby. We also encourage you to share those smaller-scale gaming exploits with us on social media. Please post your pictures and write-ups on our Facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtag #DiceAgainstCovid19 along with entries on our website message board. We all need some levity and escapism during this ongoing crisis so get some gaming done!

Stay tuned for ongoing updates and continuing activity from the LRPG via our various media streams. Until we meet in mass again …

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