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It is the month of May and that means the end of spring and beginning of summer (especially here in Florida with our temperatures already touching 90). For the Guild, this time of year means that we are racing toward the end of our activity calendar with a full slate of great gaming in store. Every Guild Gaming Event has at least five scheduled game tables and we very well may add a sixth to at least a couple of those dates.

Along with playing all of those games, we also have a fair amount of planning and preparation to do over the next few months. We will begin assembling the Guild Event Calendar for Guild Year 20 later in the summer but will begin taking in GM Submission Forms in just a few weeks. Along with a great selection of original material from those who offer Sanctioned Home Campaigns, our twice-monthly Guild events also feature adventures from our Official In-House Campaigns. The Guild GMs will start planning the story arcs for those campaigns very soon. And, of course, we have convention activity to prepare as Hurricon 2019 is coming up at the end of September.

Our next Guild Gaming Event is on Friday May 24 and we look forward to seeing all of you then!

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