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This is the biggest weekend in our hobby — Gen Con has taken over downtown Indianapolis! Real life interfered with plans for a larger LRPG presence at this mega-show but a couple of our fellow Members were able to make the trip this year. We have heard from them and it is a fantastic time up there. The crowds are huge but manageable and there is so much going on.

Paizo released their long-awaited Pathfinder 2nd Edition to huge crowds grabbing the Core Rulebook, Bestiary 1 and new adventure modules. Fantasy Flight Games released new starship minis for Star Wars Armada, new character minis for Star Wars Legion and announced new expansions for both along with a brand-new Marvel living card game and cool new digital support for the Genesys RPG. Catalyst showed off upcoming revamps of classic Clan Era mech minis for BattleTech as well as new product for Shadowrun 6th Edition. Broken Token had a huge selection of fantastic gaming accessories and storage solutions for those multi-expansion board games. And the great Monte Cook, plus a host of fellow designers and writers, released the RPG reference and guidance book “Your Best Game Ever.”

Of course there is an incredible amount of active gaming going on at the show. So far, our on-site Members have taken part in a Call of Cthulhu RPG session, a Harn World RPG session, a high-energy Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG game, a Sentinel Comics RPG adventure, several runs through the terrific True Dungeon interactive scenarios and even a Pokemon “build & battle” card game tournament.

There also has been tons of great eye candy for our folks too. Like any modern geek culture convention, cosplay is big and there have been some outstanding costumes on parade. All of the vendors and publishers have excellent booth displays and there are really amazing miniatures and dioramas showcasing the highly visual nature of our hobby’s craft. And the sheer size of the crowds working their way through the doors each morning is a sight to behold itself.

While we are disappointed that we are “Gen Can’t” for this Gen Con, we’re happy to have friends up there living the fun and excitement for us. The social media age gives us a really good feel for what’s going on in Indy too … but it isn’t quite the same as being there. That’s why plans are underway for making the trip next year!

Closer to home, we will be holding our next Guild Game Night is coming up on Friday August 9. We hope to see you all there! (And bring a friend too!)

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