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The fourth quarter of Guild Year 19 is in full swing and that means there are a few things needing to get done before we start the next activity year.

We are accepting submissions for the Guild’s event schedule for Year 20. If you currently are running a game series that you wish to continue or if you have something new to offer, turn in those game blurbs. There are printed versions that you can be given or, if you’re anti-paper, message us on our Facebook page and a digital document will be sent. We’d like to get at least the first half of the schedule set in time for the Annual Meeting in early September.

The Guild also will be extending its rental agreement with the Unitarian Univeralist Congregation of Lakeland. We are not facing any increase in our rental rates this year and our Guild Treasury is in good shape to meet those obligations. This fact is due to the gracious donation of Illuminated Guild Member Richard Parker that covered our rent for Year 19 as well as the continued support of all of you Guild Members and Guild Friends. Annual Dues from Members, per-visit Door Fees from guests and contributions from raffles and rummage sales all have been a fantastic booster to the Guild’s financial health.

With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce that our Annual Membership Dues will remain at $40 for Guild Year 20 and our per-visit Door Fee for non-Members (loving referred to as our “cover charge”) will remain at $5. Since we have at least 22 Guild Game Nights each year, that is a remarkably inexpensive investment for a lot of entertainment and fun. We’ll do the official collection and Membership renewals at our Annual Meeting but, as always, if you want to take care of it early please feel free to do so.

Our administrative and communication systems currently are undergoing review and adjustment. Stay tuned for details on those but expect them to be fully in place at the start of Guild Year 20 in September.

Our next event is coming up on Friday July 26 and we hope to see you all there! (And bring a friend too!)

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