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Here we are at the beginning of Guild Year 20! Things started off with a very fun Anniversary Party on Friday night. A big “thank you” goes to those folks who added their own contributions to our pot luck food & beverage table. Additional recognition goes to those Guild Members who ran games for us. And we really appreciate the people who helped with the breakdown and cleaning up at the end of the night.

The previous year was another really good one for the LRPG. Our Guild Game Nights typically saw at least six scheduled game tables and several nights had more. There was an average of 30 people at our events and a couple of nights had just short of 40. The LRPG’s Facebook page has 379 followers and several new visiting Guild Friends and even new Guild Members have found us because of that channel. Our other primary communication channel, this weekly e-newsletter, has 279 subscribers and there is an open rate of between 17% and 21% (which is well above the industry average for our genre). Even our Twitter page, which admittedly we don’t use as much or as well as we could, has 40 followers and gets a fair number of post “likes” depending on what game activities we mention. We have done very little paid boosting on any of our posts (and absolutely none within the past year) so all of these numbers represent primarily organic growth and health. We are very happy with these results and we thank all of your for helping to get us there.

The year to come promises to be even better. The activity schedule once again features a minimum of six scheduled games per event while a few have seven. Due to popular demand, both within the Guild and from new folks who reach out to us for a gaming venue, we have a ton of D&D5E on tap. We also have RPGs using the Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, Gumshoe and D20 systems as well as miniature war games using the old Mordheim system, Wings of Glory, Thud & Blunder and Vanguard. There also will be several sessions of the great board game Bloodhaven. In addition to all of that Lakeland-based gaming, we have three Guild Convention Road Trips (which obviously will have gaming of their own) and a handful of non-gaming Guild Social Nights.

Every year brings us to a new level and all of us — Aldermen, Guild Members and all of our various Guild Friends and Guild Supporters — have contributed so much to make the LRPG what it is today. The next twelve months will bring us even more success and growth as Lakeland’s premiere gaming organization. Thank you all for being a part of it.

Join us in Kissimmee, Florida, for Hurricon 2019 from Thursday September 26 through Sunday September 29 and then on Friday October 11 for our next local Guild Game Night. And bring a friend!

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