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With the day nearly over at this time, it is my hope that everyone had a very nice Easter Sunday. For those who take a more religiously-aligned view of the day, please accept my sincere wish that your spirits were enlivened and your path made more clear. For those who take the day simply as more of a personal respite from the everyday (especially our current “everyday”), I hope that you found an appropriate degree of self-care and recharging.

This Easter was different for many of us due to the restrictions we face. Large organized gathering of faith were replaced by small personal observances or remotely-viewed services. Close-knit and boisterous family meals were replaced by smaller and more intimate dinners and phone calls. We shared our hearts and spirits in different ways but at least we still were able to connect in some fashion.

However, it is the symbolism of rebirth that is most important to remember and hold on this day. More than any Easter season in recent years, that quest for rebirth and hope rings true and vital for all of us. May today be the first step on a new and positive and productive path for all of us.

Peace, good health and great gaming to you all.

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