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2019 draws to a close and 2020 is right around the corner. The change in the calendar brings a lot of big real world events including the Summer Olympics as well as a major election covering national, state and local races. That transition to a new block of twelve months also offers us a chance to hit the “re-do” button on parts of our lives, make charges for the better, walk away from lesser impulses and generally strive for a higher “us.” Even if we fall short of the loftiest goals, we become improved just by trying and reaching.

We have some improvement of our own in the Guild. After an extended time of being offline, our official website is back in a new format! A huge serving of appreciation and thanks goes to Guild Mage Glenn W for putting so much time and effort into the redressing. It’s clean and modern with some cool features including an archive of our Messages and College of Gaming articles. Over time, more of the deeper and older content will get added in too and we may be able to find some other stuff to include as well. Check it out at and let us know what you think.

That website return gives us another active outreach vehicle that can draw new folks to our club. With that, we are bound to see additional new guests at our Guild Game Nights so it is very important that we say hello to everyone and offer them a seat at the tables. Please remember that it is Guild policy for all GMs to keep at least a couple of pre-generated characters in reserve so our new guests can participate.

Our next Guild Game Night is coming up on Friday January 10. We look forward to seeing everyone … and bring a friend!

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