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The end of the calendar year often is a hectic time with special dinner parties, time spent with friends and family, last-quarter tasks at work and surprising moments of self-reflection. Even with all of that, your hobby and the LRPG are here for you as a needed break from all of the hustle & bustle. It might seem counter-intuitive to squeeze in one more activity during this already time-taxed period but fun and recreation are worth the effort. Escapism is valuable to the human psyche and even more so during the holiday season.

This week’s e-newsletter sees the start of a new series in our College of Gaming microblog column. We will be returning to the topic of campaign setting creation (as well as continuing the numbering sequence from last year’s A-Series articles). Over the course of the writing entries, the contributors will present an in-depth look at how they assemble a campaign setting, its history, its denizens and its characters. There also will be brief examinations of how successfully various elements were at the game table. We hope that you find a wealth of useful information and guidance in these articles.

We have a Guild Social Night coming up on Friday November 29. We hope to see you at Panera Bread as we take a brief break from Black Friday shopping and extended family visits. And our next Guild Game Night will be on Friday December 13. This gathering also doubles as our Annual Christmas Holiday Party! We look forward to seeing everyone at both of these events … and bring a friend!

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