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Labor Day weekend in Florida … and the peak of hurricane season. For those of us who are natives or long-time residents, we have come to be prepared for such clashes but that doesn’t make them any easier. Thankfully, the latest forecasts have Hurricane Dorian staying off of our east coast so most of us will fare far better than initially feared. But we still have at least a couple more days of holding our breath and looking warily at weather maps before it’s all over. We do wish our friends directly on the Atlantic coast all the best as they face very high winds, heavy and prolonged rain and storm surge effects.

As we wrap up summer with this extended holiday weekend, we also wrap up Guild Year 19. Our Guild Social the other night was a lot of fun and final preparations are being made for our Annual Meeting & Anniversary Party in a couple of weeks. Looking back on the past twelve months of Guild activity, we see a lot of great gaming nights, terrific participation and a number of new guests and Members. All of this bodes well for the upcoming new year and we look forward to getting things underway with a continuation of those trends.

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