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This point of the summer puts us right in the middle of brutal heat and humidity as well as days with often too many obligations and tasks. Such is the state of things over the next couple of days. It hardly seems like a break from the work week actually! But at least a little bit of that effort-heavy time will relate to upcoming gaming activity.

We have a convention road trip at the end of September and there are game scenarios to prepare. And, a little closer in time, there is a Guild Game Night coming up on Friday. There also is some amount of administrative work in advance of both events. All of that will get slotted in between various real life household chores and other “must do” things … somehow.

We hope that your weekend is a little less hectic than ours. See you all Friday July 26 for our Guild Game Night. And bring a friend!

Our next event is coming up on Friday July 26 and we hope to see you all there! (And bring a friend too!)

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