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A month into our new way of life and a routine has settled into our days. It is getting comfortable but it also is getting old. The routine is dangerously close to a repeating loop much like the movie Groundhog Day but less funny.

We miss people and we miss doing things. Certainly, some folks have home situations shared with other humans but some of us are more limited in that regard. Finding ways to maintain distance socializing is an ongoing process that still needs to fit into the schedules of the participants. And even in the new and less active lifestyle we now have, time remains a precious commodity.

Things are getting better, slowly, and we anticipate a loosening of the current status quo. But we recognize that there still is a great deal that needs to happen before we get anywhere close to normal. Until then, we will stay strong and stay hopeful and stay understanding of each other as we navigate this at times dark and distressing moment in time.

We look forward to hearing from you online through our various digital channels. And we very much look forward to the day that we once again can share a game table with you in person.

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