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We all know that the gaming hobby is a highly social endeavor. Meeting people and developing relationships happens at the game table just as it happens within the fictional game setting itself. This human connection is what propels the growth of the hobby and we are better for it.

Recent Guild Events have highlighted this. There are a number of long-term Members in place most nights but some folks aren’t able to come consistently. When those people are absent, they are missed and others ask about them. New friends have been finding us and joining in our activities, finding a comfortable and welcoming place. And old friends who have been gone for a while have returned to pick up relations largely where they left off.

This is a very pleasing situation to experience. It exemplifies the family-like nature of the hobby in general and the LRPG specifically. It serves as a great example to carry through to other parts of our lives and it is a nice counter to the inevitable loss of such things we may face away from the table. It is something that is special and we should recognize it and cherish it.

We will be having our next Guild Game Night on Friday November 22, the agenda for which can be seen in the “Upcoming Events” section below. We hope to see everyone there for six tables of fantastic LRPG gaming! And don’t forget to bring a friend!

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