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Gaming is a big part of our lives. We all take as much time as we are able to so we can join with friends and roll some dice. When it isn’t possible to get together, it’s pretty common for us to spend some solo time creating new characters or reading a rule book supplement. Establishing a schedule for such hobby activities goes a long way toward helping us find time for these activities but even then things can happen that force those plans to change.

Such was the case Friday night. We had six game tables announced for the event but real life situations resulted in three of our GMs having to be absent. These things happen and we roll with them. The three remaining games still ran, an impromptu game was added into the mix and the attending players were just a little cozier at the tables. The adjustment to our plans ultimately had little effect as we ended up with a great night of gaming that saw everyone having a fantastic time.

We have another Guild Game Night coming up on Friday October 25. Hopefully none of us have conflicting events that pop up so we all can be together at the game tables. But, if real life has other ideas, we’ll carry on and do what we do. See you soon … and bring a friend!

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