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We participate in our hobby because we enjoy the creativity and the fun of building a story with others. But there also is the thrill of trying out new settings and new rule systems that is a big part of the hobby. The LRPG, like all gamers and clubs, does have its favorite games but we pride ourselves on being open to things outside of the traditional.

At upcoming Guild Game Events, we all will have chances to try out some new or at least different games. A brand-new Savage Worlds-powered Flash (AH-AAHH!) Gordon RPG will be making an appearance for two sessions. The currently-dormant but still very cool Mordheim miniature skirmish game will be hitting game tables for several sessions across the remainder of the Guild schedule. The Genesys RPG system also starts a run of appearances soon. And this does not count the classic RoleMaster RPG and the miniature war game A Call To Arms that have seen recent table action. In short, we play all kinds of games beyond the standard D&D and Pathfinder model.

In this issue of our weekly e-newsletter, we have a brand-new contributor to our College of Gaming Micro-blog. Long-time Guild Member Gus B begins a a brief run of articles introducing himself and his initial thoughts on the game mastering. This installment also marks a ret-con of the blog’s numbering system that is inspired by the classic AD&D adventures of yore. The initial run now is known as the A1-Series and Gus’ will be tagged as the A2-Series. Regardless of how they are identified, we hope that you find valuable and worthwhile insights that help you become a better gamer.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next Guild Gaming Event on Friday January 25!

PS — Remember that a couple of our Guild Members are looking to downsize their gaming materials. We’ll discuss that more at upcoming Guild Events.

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