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A community of RPG enthusiasts!

The Lakeland Role Playing Guild is made up of gaming enthusiasts just like you. We provide convention-like gaming twice monthly open to gamers of all experience levels!

New to Role Playing?

You’ve watched Critical Role, listened to actual play podcasts, maybe read a rulebook or two but you’re not quite sure how to bring all that knowledge together into a game. Sit down at any one of the open game tables at our next event no matter your experience level. Join our RPG commuinty and gain a level of gaming confidence.

Our Next Session Is Jan 24th

Pathfinder 1st Edition, Savage Worlds, and 3 tables of D&D 5e


Proud friends & supporters of the LRPG.

Tabletop Glory


Check out our gaming events FREE! First two visits costs $0.

Game with the LRPG twice a month! An annual membership is $40. For those not wishing to be full Members but still wanting to take part in our guild events, there is an at-the-door fee of $5 per person.

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A Personal Gaming Notebook

Sidetrek #2 I have been an active adventure hobby gamer for a long time. Starting with solo playing using the classic red D&D Basic box set with the cool Larry Elmore cover art and going up to today’s activity with many people and multiple rule systems, it has...

Event Location

3140 Troy Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33803