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Our days continue on as we learn to cope with our new normal way of living. It hasn’t been easy or pretty for a lot of folks and that is one of many unfortunate developments springing from the arrival of this virus pandemic. But as routines are reshaped, there have been avenues of entertainment that have opened.

Game companies have been making available free or low-cost products that players can download. With so many gaming conventions cancelled, most of these companies have shifted their show deals and special products to virtual sales online. A few conventions even have found ways to be active in the digital realm. And, of course, the determined hobbyist will figure out how to do some gaming activity whether it is prepping new material, engaging in solo adventure play or utilizing digital tools to facilitate play.

The Guild has heard from some folks who have continued with their RPG campaigns remotely. We have gotten a brief but informative overview of those efforts from one group and hope to have details from the other very soon. A couple of other Guild Members are converting material from one game system to another while they have ample time on their hands. A lot of miniature painting is going on right now and there even is a character creation clinic taking place through Facebook Messenger between the Guild Master and one of our newer game players.

None of this is exactly ideal but it all is effective and allows us to engage in the hobby that we love. It also gives us a chance to keep out creative juices flowing. Obviously, we all wish that we could do these things face to face and anxiously await the opportunity to do so. These digital connections seem to working well enough and with practice they should get smoother and maybe even more involved.

The important thing is that we have some form of respite from all of the stress and upheaval in our real lives. Our hobby, by design, always has provided that escape but now it is more vital than ever.

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