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Today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was a horrific and momentous event in our nation’s history, one that saw our nation and our people unify and grow as like never before. The recollections today bring to mind the acts of the greatest generation and the strong brand of humanity that they represent.

Today also is the first weekend of December and the heart of the broad holiday season. It is a time when we should be giving consideration to our fellow man and appreciation to those with whom we are close. Instead, we likely are rushing about buying trinkets amongst hordes of the rude and ungrateful.

The dichotomy of this is stunning and distressing to me even though I am just as guilty as most everyone. There is time to correct this course, to rebalance the scales of life and it is a task that I aim to accomplish. It is a task that I hope all of us will embrace as our world certainly needs to take a breath and consider that which truly matters.

Friday December 13 sees our next Guild Game Night and it also doubles as our Annual Christmas Holiday Party. If you wish to bring a covered dish or other food & beverage contribution, please feel free to share. See you in a few nights … and bring a friend!

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