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C Series • #12

Role playing games are known for the depiction of combat scenarios. In fact, recent years have seen rule books make reference to focusing on the mechanics of such encounters at the expense of “those un-fun social and task encounters.” We will hold off on the lengthy discussion of refuting that ridiculous notion but will say, at minimum, that such an approach eliminates half of the gaming experience. Non-combat skills are an inherent part of defining characters and a key element of any adventure scenario.

Over the next few installments of our “Rules” series, we’ll take a look at how different game systems allocate skills to characters and how those skills can be developed through level advancement. We also will take a look at the different ways success and failure with skills can be judged. And , finally, we will explore some of the interesting and non-standard ways skills can be used in game play.

Join us next week when we start our review of skills with a look at the D20 System’s approach to the subject.

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