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Our first Guild Game Night of calendar year 2020 was held last night and, despite a few late adjustments to the agenda, the event was a success. Many of our regular Members and attendees were present and a few new folks made a return visit while we also were joined by a first-timer. The original plan of five announced games had to be modified to three announced plus a fourth last-minute replacement. Illness and personal schedule conflicts will cause such hiccups but, as with anything in life, we react and adapt as needed but keep our eye on having fun. Thanks goes to everyone who rolled with the punches. All looks good for our next Guild Game Night to stick with to the announced schedule.

The LRPG gaming of this month marks the return of two of our In-House Campaigns — Interstellar Overdrive and Kingdoms of Legend. The GMs for those game series have cool things planned for the table and also have some ideas on sharing some bits across the tables too. Remember, these In-House Campaigns each have more than one Game Master telling stories within a larger framework so, while direct crossover of characters isn’t likely (although not unheard of) news from one location will make its way to somewhere else. And eventually the repercussions of certain events also will spread beyond their point of origin. There is excitement in store so stay tuned!

This time of year also brings the beginning of our preparations for our first Guild Convention Road Trip of the year. Recon 2020 is coming up at the end of April and, as we have since 2002, we will be taking part in that fantastic weekend of great gaming. Our first announcement post has gone up on our Facebook page and additional information and flag-waving will be coming in a steady stream. Stay tuned for that too!

Our next Guild Game Night is coming up on Friday January 24 and we have a Guild Social Night on Friday January 31. We look forward to seeing everyone at both events … and bring a friend!

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