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It has been quite some time since there last was a real installment of this column. Some of those lapses have been due to running out of time, sometimes due to running out of ideas. This week’s excuse is multifaceted — time, stress and a bit of bad news from my social circle. The time element is the easiest to explain today.

With no Guild Game Night on Friday March 27, I had time available to me for other game-related activities. I spent that night and decent portions of the weekend tending to the large list if tasks and side projects associated with my various campaigns. Running a regular game table brings with it a lot of background work as all of you know from personal experience. But when you run more than one table while also helping to organize and run two gaming clubs, fitting in all of that work is a luxury beyond comprehension. The past few days have been a gift that I greatly appreciate.

Hopefully many of you also are making good use of your newly-opened schedules to get some gaming homework completed. It would be fantastic if we could share that as a means of encouraging each other in these fraught times. Our social media and message board channels are open and the hashtag #DiceAgainstCovid19 can be used for these just as it can be for actual game reports. You also can add the hashtag #CollegofGaming to those posts.

Real content for this column is being written so look for new articles starting very very soon.

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