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The LRPG’s twice-monthly Guild Game Nights feature a number of games that are both In-House Campaigns and Sanctioned Home Campaigns. In keeping with the greater hobby community, the personal game series that see a lot of table time use the current Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rule set.

Our longest-running table under this banner is one that we simply refer to it as the Guild’s Regular D&D Game. There are two GMs for this table and they have completed a number of full campaign stories over the past few years. These stories have been lead in an alternating, tag-team approach as well as the typical single-GM style. Their games tend toward the traditional fantasy model with adventuring heroes facing off against monstrous humanoids, dragons and extraplanar entities. They are fast-paced and rollicking scenarios but still able to carry a solid story within all of the action.

Another D&D table we have had for the past year offers material from officially published adventure modules. Currently in progress is the mega-adventure Princes of the Apocalypse. With the dominant presence of original story content, it is great to have a Guild GM running published material for our Members. Both approaches to the gaming hobby have merit but there is a certain level of aptitude that is required to effectively run a scripted adventure as well as an equal amount of preparatory work before game time. The GM at this table does a great job and his players enjoy themselves thoroughly.

Savage Worlds is another rule system that sees action at our tables. 50 Fathoms is one such original campaign and it has been seeing play time for a couple of year. This is a flavorful and unique series set in a flooded fantasy world feature a primary conflict between wizards and pirates. A high energy rule system and very creative GM make this a popular table at our events.

If you want to explore any of these games, or the ones highlighted in earlier installments, come out to our next Guild Game Event. We’ll be gathering on Friday June 28 and we hope to see you all there!

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