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D1 Series • #1

Throughout Guild Year 19, the contributing writers of this column spent a fair amount of time exploring rules, genres and typical approaches that have been used at personal game tables as well as games present at Guild events and even conventions. Through all of that, we tried to share with you our approaches so you could compare and contrast with your own. The implication was to encourage trying something a little different. But we generally kept conceptual content fairly standard in our discussions. Now, we are going to go out on some long and slightly thin limbs in an effort to exemplify the truly different and non-standard things that are possible in this great hobby of ours.

Over the next several installments, you will see some of the weird campaign ideas that have been swirling in our respective minds for years but that somehow still haven’t hit a game table. In some cases, these even might be spontaneous and brand new ideas that spill onto the digital page. Be prepared for crossing genres, juxtaposition of historical and non-historical elements, the use of old but beloved randomized monster lists and a bunch of other outside, jazz-like vamping.

It’s going to be a fun time. We hope you enjoy it.

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