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The College of Gaming program is a way for the Guild to share hobby knowledge and promote the growth of gaming skills within our membership. We have had many in-person clinics and workshops since our founding that focused on different aspects of the RPG realm. There also have been several round-table discussions that have been more interactive and expansive. Small pieces of advice and suggestion have been offered through microblog-styled posts in our weekly newsletter for the past few years.

That microblog relaunched several weeks ago with a new direction and a revolving crew of contributors. So far, three different writers have offered their personal insights and experiences on starting a new campaign. The material has been solid and well-received but now we want to try something just a little different so that our advice and guidance is more direct to what you, the game playing members, want.

Over the next couple of weeks, we invite you to submit questions to us and we’ll give you our answers and suggestions. You can send those queries either by way of email ( ) or by posting to our Facebook page with the notation “College of Gaming Question.” We are anxious to begin this new phase of our long-running instructional program.

We look forward to seeing everyone on February 22 for our next Guild Game Event. It will be a night of great games so don’t miss it. And bring a friend!

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