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We have completed the first half of Guild Year 20 and things have been running fairly well. We have had a great selection of games, good (if not consistent) attendance, a number of new guest visitors, an increase in our online impressions and a whole lot of fun. Things in the Guild have been fine … but they can be better, sharper and more focused.

There have been a few ways in which our operations and performance have become too casual and too lazy. Procedural tasks that had been implemented consistently to positive effect have fallen by the wayside of late. Administrative bookkeeping has become a distant afterthought and this very weekly e-newsletter has often been incomplete. In short, a lot of things that the Guild has in place to help wave our banner, reach out to new people and support our existing membership have been neglected.

The fact that this behind-the-scenes sloppiness has not caused a disruption to the front face of the Guild — active support of the hobby through gameplay — is a testament to the quality of our players and game masters. Good tables and good adventures are the backbone of who we are and what we do and those things have helped hold the interest and enjoyment of our existing members and our incoming guests. So a very big thank you goes to those folks who have helped put a positive face on the Guild.

But that valuable hard work that you folks do needs the proper support on the administrative side. Over the next few weeks, we will be reactivating some of those tasks and processes in order to better run the club. We also will be reevaluating how we handle our digital social outreach and, with a bit of help from contacts outside of the Guild, develop a more cohesive approach to that outreach. All of this is hoped to be in place in order to set the Guild on a solid footing for Guild Year 21 starting in September. (And being on the approach to that remarkable anniversary is an incredible thing that all of you have made possible through your various forms of support over the years. Thank you!)

Our next Guild Game Night is coming up on Friday March 13. We hope to see you all there … and bring a friend!

PS — We have a Guild Convention Road Trip coming up soon. Recon 2020, hosted by our friends with HMGS-South, will be held at the end of April in Kissimmee. Stay tuned for more details!

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