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This week marks the transition period between the two halves of our Guild Activity Year. In many ways, we look at these six month blocks of time as distinct seasons. The first one features our Annual Meeting & Anniversary Party, our Annual Christmas Holiday Party, our Convention Road Trip to Hurricon, and some seasonal disruptions of real life along with a pretty good amount of gaming action. The second season is all-gaming with maybe one interruption caused by our Convention Road Trip to Recon. Much more play time is had and that helps to make a given Guild Year’s second half more momentum and excitement.

The days in between those two seasons are an interesting time though. There is a bit of thinking as we look at what we have planned and how much we succeeded in accomplishing already. There is a bit of juggling as adjustments are made to the schedule as some GMs have to change previous plans and as others offer new games to run. And there is some behind-the-scenes discussion as we evaluate the business side of the Guild and what needs to be done to keep that in good shape. The hope always is that all of that is seamless so you, the Members, don’t see the moving parts and simply can sit back and have some good games to play.

But at the same time, we do want to hear from you. This is your gaming club and your community so your opinions and insight carry weight. Let us know what you like, what you want and, to be fair, what you would like to do to support those suggestions. Our Mid-Year Meeting on March 8 is a great opportunity to do that but you also can reach out to any of us at any time with your thoughts.

Along with a brief business meeting, March 8 also stands as a regular Guild Gaming Event. It marks the beginning of Guild Year 19’s “high season” and we are looking forward to jumping into the hobby for an extended period. All of you are as well and we greatly thank those of you who are running games for the enjoyment of your fellow Guild Members and our guests. We also thank those of you who bring food and beverage to share with the group at each gathering.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Friday! Don’t miss it … and bring a friend!

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