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The LRPG hosts two Guild Game Nights every month and during those events we have a wide selection of gaming available. Most of this activity is in the RPG realm but we also offer some miniature war games and board games for the enjoyment of our attendees. The different games that appear on our schedule are presented by hard working and dedicated Guild Members who offer their creativity through their own campaigns as well as exclusive LRPG campaigns. We will be talking about all of these game series in more detail over the next few weeks but right now we just want to highlight what is available from the LRPG.

Since our earliest years, this organization has made it a point to offer exclusive In-House Campaigns to the Membership. Three are active at the present time: Interstellar Overdrive; Kingdoms of Legend; and Aces Over Lakeland. (Others that exist but currently are on hiatus include: Shadows Over Lakeland; Apocalypse Over Lakeland; and Novus Somnium.)

The first campaign mentioned, Interstellar Overdrive, is a science fiction setting focusing on the re-establishment of galactic civilization after a lengthy and destructive star-spanning civil war. Three GMs run their own storylines within the setting’s framework and explore specific areas of Known Space.

The second campaign in Kingdoms of Legend and it is a historical/fantasy hybrid. Set in Europe during 1415, many of the actual real world events and personages are in place but there are key changes reflecting more traditional fantasy components. Magic exists and codified by a continent-spanning organization of wizards. The monotheistic faith of the real world has been supplanted by a pantheon of twelve primary deities. And demi-humans and monstrous humanoids can be found across the land, although they are fading in influence and population. Different GMs have storylines running in England and France, eastern Turkey and the relatively nearby Balkans region, the Germanic region, and the lower reaches of the Italian Alps.

Aces Over Lakeland is the third LRPG campaign. This is an alternate history take on World War One with a particular focus on activity in Lakeland and Central Florida circa 1914. The main historical mileposts are in place but things take a turn for the “alternate” by way of fudging the timeline a bit here and there, establishing that various forms of occult study actually work, and introducing a bit of weird technology like steampunk and clockwork devices. The majority of the gameplay relies on the RPG format but miniature war game scenarios do appear from time to time.

Next week we’ll take a look at our Sanctioned Home Campaigns in this column. Until then, please remember that we have our next Guild Gaming Event is on Friday June 14. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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