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It is almost over. Guild Year 19 has one more event on its calendar, a Guild Social Night next Friday where we once again will join in fellowship but with a bit of distance from our hobby interests. Gaming is what brings us together and gaming is an important part of our lives but it is good for us to mingle and commune as people and not just hobbyists. We hope that you’ll join us for such an opportunity in a few days.

That imminent close to this Activity Year brings us a step closer to the beginning of Guild Year 20. There is a fair bit of administrative work to do behind the scenes in order to launch things properly but it is coming together. As always, it is our hope that the business side of the LRPG is invisible and unobtrusive to you in the Membership. However, we do want you to be aware that said work does exist and it is important to the health and proper functioning of our organization.

Along with administrative and logistical matters, there also are creative ones for us to consider. All of our campaigns, both LRPG In-House ones as well as Sanctioned Home Tables, will be starting new seasons come October. Reviewing where our stories have been and projecting where they will be going are of high importance so that we all might bring the best experience possible to our players. In the case of those campaigns with multiple GMs, coordination of plot elements or other points of linkage is key to presenting a truly shared world.

In short, the upcoming Guild Year is going to be busy and fun as we embrace our love for this great hobby. We look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

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